Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Off hiatus

Hello everyone who might possibly still be visiting this blog after my long, long break from blogging.  Not only have I resumed, but I've moved over to WordPress.

I don't have any great reasons for being away, but I'll blame a few factors. Blaming is a fun activity that I like to indulge in on occasion.
  1. Facebook. It was so much easier and faster to come up with quippy status updates than to bother writing a whole blog post that yes, I fell into that deep abyss. Ultimately, however, it's no replacement for writing. I still use it as a great way to stay in touch - email with enhancements.
  2. We bought a house. I've taken lots of photos of all the different things we're doing to put our stamp on the place. I love it so much here, and there are lots of little and big things to do, all the time.  I've added some new labels to denote that stuff - 'At Home' and 'DIY'.  I'll try to keep the focus on food, but I'm a little obsessed with this house stuff. Consider yourself warned.
  3. I got a little freaked out by the label "Foodie". Originally I called myself one, tongue firmly planted in cheek, but the more I read other food blogs, magazines and newspaper sections, I realized how much I don't know, need to learn, haven't tasted, heard of, etc. I ultimately had to come back to a place where I know what I know, will learn what I will learn, and still like focusing on simple dishes with short lists of ingredients, and leaving the complex stuff to professionals.  So, I'm not really a "foodie" so much as someone who likes to write about what I've cooked and/or eaten. 
  4. School. I've just finished my Editing Certificate from George Brown College. Great program, highly recommend it. I'm taking a semester off for the first time in three years - I even went in the summers. Part of taking this semester off is to give myself a chance to get back to writing and in the kitchen without the dread of homework hanging over me. 
  5. Publishing elsewhere. What, you think I haven't written at all in the past couple of years? Check out my website - I keep all my published clips there.
Come along for the ride if you like, as I putter around my kitchen and home.

And, directly related to excuse #3, I've taken the moniker "Foodie" off my blog name.